Pakistan Junior League Points Table 2022 – PJL T20 Updates

There will be an almost half-month-long battle between all six Pakistan Junior League (PJL) franchises for the title of Pakistan’s premier T20 Under 19 tournament.

Pakistan Junior League Points Table

All Teams will compete to make the top four spots on the Pakistan Junior League points table and qualify for the PJL play-offs by gaining points and climbing up the points table. The PJL season 01 promises to be an exciting one for fans

Just one Venue will Host this Year. Gaddafi Stadium Lahore will host the whole tournament this year. Pakistan junior league will start from 6 October to 21 October this year. A total of 19 Matches will play in this battle, including both the play-offs and the competition’s final.

There is going to be a lot of excitement as the six teams try to finish in the top four spots in the PJL points table 2022, as they compete to win the grand prize on the 21 th of October.

Teams Matches Won Lost Tied Points
1 0 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 0 0 0
3 0 0 0 0 0
4 0 0 0 0 0
5 0 0 0 0 0
6 0 0 0 0 0

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PJL Points Table Criteria

In order to follow the double round-robin format of the tournament, there will be a number of rounds. As part of the group stage, each team will be able to face their opponents twice in order to be able to top the PJL Points Table. In order to qualify for the playoffs, the top four teams must finish in the top four. The rules and regulations governing the tournament are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

It should be noted that the point system implemented in the PJL Points Table 2022 is the same as the point system used in the previous seasons or in any other ICC-authorized franchise T20 league across the globe.

Following the completion of 10 matches in the group stage, the rankings will be determined on the basis of the most accumulated points. Teams that finish in the top four of the PJL points table will move on to the next round if they finish in the top four. If you win the match on the table, you will receive two points, if you lose the match, you will receive one point and if you tie, you will receive zero points.

Super over will be played if a match ends in a tie.

The following criteria will determine the ranking of the teams in the group stages:

  • At the conclusion of the group stage, the team with the most points on the PJL Points Table will take first place.
  • The team with a greater net run rate will finish higher if teams have an equal number of points on the PJL Points Table.
  • If the points and the net run rate on the PJL Points Table are equal. The team that had the most victories throughout the group stage would have placed higher.
  • The team with fewer losses will finish higher in the standings if the other factors listed above are equal.
  • If each criterion remains constant, the outcome of the two teams’ head-to-head match will decide the league place.

Pakistan Junior League Play-Offs

During the first eliminator, the team which finishes at the top of the PJL points table 2022 will face the second-placed team in the qualifier, while the third-placed team will take on the fourth-placed team in the first eliminator.

The winner of the qualifier will advance straight to the finals if they win the qualifier. It is also significant to note that the loser of the qualifier will play the winner of the first eliminator in the second eliminator.

There will be a final match-up between the winner of the second elimination round and the winner of the qualifier round.

There will be a super over in case the match ends in a tie, and the winner will be decided by the super over. It will be the higher ranked team in the group stage that will be crowned the winner of the match in the event that the super over ends in a tie.

As a result, our JPL Points Table page will be updated on a regular basis, so make sure to keep checking this page for more information.

PJL Grand Final

The Final match will play on 21st October 2022. Two Teams will qualify for the finals. 1st team will qualify directly, after winning the playoff match. And the losing team in the playoff will play against the winning team of the 1st Eliminator.

Then the 2nd eliminator will play between the loser of the playoff team and the winning team in the 1st eliminator. The winning team of the 2nd Eliminator will qualify for the final. Now, these two teams, winners of the playoff match and the 2nd eliminator will battle for the 1st ever junior premium league under-19 tournament.

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