PSL Franchises confused on the matter of Pakistan Junior League

There is currently a rift between the franchises of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and the Pakistan Junior League (PJL).

Many franchises are interested in joining the league, but some franchises are hesitant to do so. At a meeting of team owners and representatives, the lack of a governing council meeting earlier in the season was also discussed.

PCB chairman Ramiz Raja announced that the first edition of the Pakistan Junior League would take place on 6th of October.

The PCB advertised the event some time ago, and several PSL franchises participated in the event that was promoted by the PCB.

PJL franchises were also being considered by a third team, but one of them has now changed its mind. In addition, some owners have expressed concerns regarding the PSL’s brand due to the junior league.

There was only one league proposed for the country to play in during the meeting. Additionally, they discussed opposition to the league on the one hand and plans to purchase teams on the other, as well as plans to oppose the league on the other.

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Before the owners can express their concerns regarding the junior league, they must reach an agreement.

As part of the discussion, either one or all of the PSL franchises will participate in the PJL. In the coming days, a decision will be made regarding this matter.

A meeting of the PSL Governing Council has not been held in the last ten months, which has upset the owners of the teams. There has been some progress made over the past few days, but now there is nothing but silence. There are several ICC meetings taking place in England in addition to Ramiz Raja these days.

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