Shahid Afridi Plan to buy a Franchise in Pakistan Joiner League

Mr. Ramiz Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, recently announced the Pakistan Junior League, which will be held in Lahore in October this year. The PCB is looking for people to buy franchises in the tournament, and ex-star cricketer Shahid Afridi has expressed interest in purchasing one of them.

The goal of the U-19 player-based tournament is to give young people a chance to showcase their talent and gain recognition for it. Meanwhile, PCB is on the lookout for more contestants to invest in the franchises, and Afridi is gathering information. He revealed while speaking to one of the local channels. The Schedule for the PJL T20 is Announced.

Shahid Afradi

The Pakistan Junior PSL (PJL) has recently come under fire, with experts claiming that existing cricket in the country is not flourishing. People believe that the PCB’s first priority should be to settle existing cricket before moving on to other plans.

Pakistan Junior League is supported by Shahid Afridi

The former cricketer, on the other hand, supports the idea of kicking off the U19 tournament. PJL, in his opinion, is a fantastic idea until four-day and 50-over cricket is introduced. He believes it will boost the confidence of young players and domestic newcomers who, despite their efforts, are overlooked.

PJL t20

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